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Lilly Canaria (Agent)

Lilly Canaria was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

Although she developed an interest in acting and entertaining when she was in elementary school, it wasn’t until high school that she started getting serious about theater.

Now with over 12 years of theater experience under her belt as well as having received recognition from various teachers, directors, and colleagues, Lilly has had the opportunity to judge the UIL Speech and Debate competitions for both the district and regional levels in Texas. While still remaining active in theater, Lilly had taken another path towards the film and commercial industry, having signed with the Tory Christopher Group in 2011. With after a handful of auditions, she had gained her SAG eligibility status.

Lilly has learned so much about the industry being a part of the TCG agency as talent and would like to share her experiences with new talent that is just getting into this business, now as an agent.

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