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Carleen Lucas (Agent)


I have lived a most eclectic nomadic life!  Born and raised on the east coast, however, even as a child my heart yearned for California.  I have not lived in California, yet, but have had the pleasure of visiting. Since I married an Air Force veteran, traveling the world has given me a love for diverse people and cultures. Never did I think I would be planted in south Texas, but I have fallen in love and only seek to visit California now.

Being a mother of four phenomenal children has been the biggest blessing in my life. This role of a lifetime brought me to a new adventure, Momager!  My youngest daughter caught the acting bug at a very young age and believes it is what she was created to do.  Her passion has led our family on quite the journey.  That journey soon became my personal goal and vision when I met Tory Christopher at Hollywood Across America.  My desire to learn all I could about this industry prompted me to “volunteer” my services to Tory.  He, however, saw something better for me.  I became an agent “trainee” and then a full fledged, forty hour a day agent!  My passion is to help people navigate this show business world, while helping them achieve their dreams.  My motto is to dream bigger than you could possibly achieve on your own!
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